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Chew Sticks

Over the last few centuries, people in
Africa, India, and nearby Muslim countries
have made natural toothbrushes
from frayed twigs referred to as chew sticks or chewing sticks.

Our chewing sticks are made from
twigs of the licorice bush,
these chew sticks are
among the best quality sticks.

Tests have shown that chew sticks
contain natural antibiotics,
fluoride, and other anti-cavity ingredients.

When Africans came to the United States,
they brought their
revolutionary idea with them.

Many older people are finding themselves
in their 80's
with healthy gums and cavity-free teeth,
and they are using nothing but chew sticks
to take care of them!

The chewing action keeps the gums healthy,
cleans the food from teeth and freshens the breath.

They are an easy and flavor-filled way
to enjoy excellent dental health,
and have also in recent
years been used as a way to quit smoking.

Peppermint Chew Sticks

One step to a bright, healthy smile!

Delight in the delicious,
strengthening power
of chewing sticks.

These chew sticks are
cut from the licorice
bush and flavored
in your choice
of '97' flavors..

Chewing on the sticks
keeps the gums
healthy and strong,
while freshening
your breath.

Chew sticks are also
famous as a way to
quit smoking.

Start the benefits today!

Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery!!!

Chewing Sticks

1 bag of four
3 inch chew sticks
flavored in your
choice of '97' flavors
for $3.95

for Chew Sticks,
regardless of how many
bags you order!


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